Exit from Your 9-5 and Start Growing and Scaling a Dropshipping Business with Gamal Codner

Gamal Codner | Asia Abston | Get Rich or Get Drunk Trying Podcast

For all e-commerce and dropshipping entrepreneurs, it’s time to tap in and hit that play button as we are joined today by one of the best digital marketing growth hackers and start-up founder—Gamal Codner.

With over 10 years of experience in startups and digital marketing, he currently helps e-commerce founders Improve their Valuations, Scale & EXIT their brands for more money. 

He has generated multiple 7-figures in revenue online since walking away from a 6-figure corporate job in 2014.

Today he’ll share his expertise and years of experience about how he was able to escape a $4,000 a month salary to now owning 7 figure businesses and he was able to create a sustainable living and took off his drop shipping business with a $107,000 profit in just 90 days.


01:56 – How he was able to escape the 9-5 jail and start his dropshipping business

05:22 – Difference between growing, scaling and exiting a digital brand and business

09:40 – How to jump from the growth phase to the scale phase as a startup CEO

24:12 – The Ponzi scheme

31:19 – Facebook Ads then and now

40:39 – Importance of your website’s Product Page

Connect with Gamal:

Codner Inc. – https://codner.co/ 

Fresh Heritage – www.FreshHeritage.com 


Connect with Asia:

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