How to Scale to a 7 Figure Business With Success with Marquel Russell

How to Scale to a 7 Figure Business With Success with Marquel Russell

Ever thought that the reason you aren’t scaling your business is because you are standing in your own way, afraid that you will actually…succeed? Money and abundance are achievable but in order to reach the highest of highs, you need to totally transform your mindset, put in the hard yards and soak up the gems from those who have started from the bottom!

Well, get excited because we are chatting to the all-star, Marquel Russell. Arguably one of the best when it comes to revenue growth for coaches and consultants. Marquel is a Rapid Business Growth Strategist, a multimillion-dollar revenue generator, best-selling author, and coach who has earned the title, “King of Client Attraction.”

Today, he’s spilling all the nuggets on how he went from GED to Ph.D., the systems that are needed to support business growth, how knowing your numbers can either bury your business or propel it and what it really takes for you to scale to a 7 figure business with success!

In today’s episode on scaling we chat about:

  • How Marquel’s childhood shaped him to make the decisions that got him where he is today.
  • The massive difference between knowledge is power and applied knowledge is power
  • The simple formula to a successful business
  • The many other ways to gain success rather than dedicating your life to formal education. 
  • The main reason people don’t succeed is not that they have a fear of failing but because they are scared to be successful
  • The sweet spot of being successful but sticking true to your roots without feeling the need to prove yourself to anyone
  • Why coaches aren’t making more than 5K a month
  • The major difference between living in a time economy rather than an outcome economy and how that could be the very reason why you aren’t seeing the financial results
  • How you can make a massive impact and make a massive income at the same time
  • The three types of audience that you must build to successfully scale
  • What it really takes to build a 7 or 8 figure business
  • A high-level overview of what we should for sure have in our funnels
  • How to build your company for longevity

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