How to Effectively Use Sales Funnel & Generating Views & Followers on SocMed Platforms w/ Doni

Using a sales funnel can help you better understand how potential consumers think and behave at various points during the buying process. These insights help you invest in the best marketing initiatives and distribution methods, develop the most effective messaging for each step, and convert more prospects into paying clients. But how can we use this tactic on social media platforms?

In today’s episode, we are joined by a blonde bombshell, Doni Brown. She’s a Course Creator & Founder of Wealthy Woman. Over the journey of her business, she generated a 7 figure business and helped small business owners in the beauty industry navigate how to grow and refine their brands.

Listen with her as she delves into what a sales funnel is and how to make an efficient and working sales funnel. If you are an inspiring entrepreneur, then you should listen to this podcast to learn more.

In today’s episode we talked about:

06:44 What a sales funnel is and why it is important in every business?

09:14 How to give your customers directions you want them to take with the sales funnel?

10:52 Understand your business and customer and build your funnel according to that

11:17 Where do coaches, and entrepreneurs lacking in funnels?

13:34 Doni turned her apartment into Content Studio instead of selling it

18:26 The Wealthy Woman Podcast

23:12 Doni’s secret on generating sales on Youtube and Tiktok

25:55 ClickBait: How to resonate, generate views and connections to Tiktok

27:00 Understand how social media algorithm works

29:19 Get prospective followers by using a series of videos

31:53 Catching views by good video editing, greenscreen, and effects

35:08 Justin Phillips from Support Life Colleges tricks to catch attention

37:43 Doni’s final tip to generate product sales