How to Build Brand Authenticity to Grow Your Audience with Nazsare McCain

We live in a digital world where the internet is overflowing with information, choices and intense competition. The truth is, what we really crave in the virtual world is authenticity and honesty. So how do you build an authentic brand experience that not only wins but converts your audience into paying customers?

Today, I am chatting with the Blonde Bombshell, Nazsare McCaine, aka Naz. Naz is a brand designer and serial entrepreneur. Having quit her office job, picked up her makeup brush, and taken a huge leap of faith, she has now built her empire, Girl Boss Hustle. She helps entrepreneurs tell their stories through digital marketing to spread brand awareness of their brands.

Naz shares what branding actually is (hint, it’s more than just your logo and colors), why it’s important to show your true, authentic self in order to build your brand and how to start finding your brand voice. She also shares her tips on how you can diversify and make money with your content across the different social platforms 

In today’s episode on brand authenticity we chat about:

  • What to do when you are feeling stuck on how to start creating your brand identity 
  • How to use Instagram to collect information from your audience to help build your brand 
  • Being vulnerable on social media as a way of connection 
  • Understanding the different social platforms to know the language you should be speaking
  • How to repurpose your content across the different platforms
  • Tips on how to grow and build your community on YouTube
  • Organic marketing versus paid ads
  • The types of content you need to be creating to increase your visibility 
  • The biggest mistakes people are making when it comes to their branding on social platforms and how you can avoid it

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