City Girl self esteem w/ Clarine Desouza

City Girl self esteem with Clarine Desouza

How amazing was Clairne Desouza? Want more from her then follow her on Instagram and Twitter here!

This week we opened the show with Do It by Chole x Halle, listen now on Tidal.

My spiritual guru Reverend Ike taught me all about self-esteem check out some of his Youtube videos here.

Glamour magazine studied 2,000 women and the results were dynamic, check it out here.

The Better Help app for online therapy.

More on the B. Simone drama.

This week’s ‘Get Drunk’ beverage is Casa Dragones AƱejo

Yes, We’re Haitian by Alain Patron

Casa Dragones Anejo neat was this weeks’ cocktail!

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