Eight Figure Marketing Mastery w/ Billy Gene

Today’s guest Billy Gene went from losing it all to doing eight figures per year in sales under his marketing conglomerate. Billy Gene is the founder and CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing LLC. – A top-ranked agency & educational hub for digital advertising and customer acquisition. His personal ads have been seen over 1 Billion times across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

And in this episode, he will break down everything you need to know to go from broke to balling. The marketing gems in this episode will add another zero to your account balance so grab a notebook and tune in! 

07:25 Billy loses everything 

12:25 the one thing you should be reading to scale your business (mega hack)

14:55 if you only have $10 do this

17:40 what to do if your family and friends don’t support your business

20:12 the most significant opportunity you’re missing out on in your business 

24:30 get drunk cocktail of the week

31:00 the number one marketing play of all time

43:15 how to make more money today no matter what you do 

46:44 get rich tip

56:30 where social media is headed in the new year