The Secret to Getting Your YouTube to go Platinum with Erin White-Winters

Is YouTube really worth it? Or are you showing up too late to the game? When building your online business, having an evergreen presence in the online space is key to creating authentic relationships and connections with your audience. But how do you stand out from the rest of the pack?

I’m chatting with YouTube pro, Erin White-Winters, founder of Erin on Demand who helps entrepreneurs, side hustlers and content creators worldwide crush their goals, boss up their brands and run their businesses with confidence. Today, Erin has organically grown her YouTube channel to over 300K! AND within her first year of launching, she grew her subscribers to nearly 100K by just showing up online exactly as who she is. Yeah, you can say she knows a thing or two when it comes to building organic growth for your biz!

She is here to answer that burning question I know a lot of y’all have when it comes to starting a YouTube channel (is it really worth it?), how to monetize and grow it, strategies on how you can land major brand deals and what it takes to build an authentic and aligned business.

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome and finding self-belief
  • Leading with authenticity to build your community
  • How to get confident in front of the camera when you are feeling intimidated 
  • What makes YouTube so different from all the other social platforms out there
  • What is digital storytelling and how you can find your backstory that sticks with your audience to make you memorable
  • Using storytelling in your social media content to quickly connect and establish a relationship with your audience
  • Why you need to be selective with your brand deals to maintain trust with your current audience 
  • How you can turn yourself from being a content creator to becoming a CEO of your own business with Erin’s new course, Creator to CEO

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Connect with Erin White-Winters

Erin White-Winters of Erin On Demand is a Brand and Content Influencer who empowers passionate content creators, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers with how to create stand-out brands online. Erin has organically grown her Youtube channel to nearly 300K subscribers and her Instagram following to over 60K in 2+ years. She has partnered with brands such as Target, Google, GoDaddy, Office Depot/Office Max, amongst others. Erin also has a subscription-based membership club of over 700 entrepreneurs who are growing their brands into full-time businesses.

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