The Coaching Industry Market w/ Marie Wold

Ever wanted to turn your expertise into a million dollar business that shapes lives while feeding your soul?

That’s exactly what today’s guest 7 figure business coach and influencer Marie Wold has done and today she’s breaking down the blueprint to the coaching industry. She launched her first digital product in high school then built a multi million dollar business teaching others to do the same. Marie is the Founder and CEO of Wold Media LLC, a company that helps coaches create a profitable business model that aligns with their goals and lifestyle, and teaches them how to prioritize and streamline their businesses for maximum efficiency.

Join us as we deep dive into the coaching industry by examining its top market segments, tips to get started with the knowledge you have now and how to leverage social media to drive traffic.

Are you ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

In today’s episode, we talked about:

02:08 The background experience and story of being an entrepreneur at age of 17

07:33 What channel, product, and services had generated Marie the most income

10:24 How much do you charge clients and high-ticket clients?

14:07 People are willing to pay if you know how to communicate.

15:12 Get Rich Cocktail: French 75

15:38 “Selling is a transfer of confidence”

17:26 What are some of the biggest mistakes that people make when going into the online coaching industry?

20:00 Don’t wait for the perfect timing, work on your way as time progresses

21:38 The first 3 steps to take if someone wanted to get into online coaching

25:49 Marie’s insights of online coaching for the next 5 years

28:46 How Marie stays sane and profitable in the coaching industry

32:52 Make Bank: Marie’s favored book

37:35 Always invest in yourself to become the better version of you

40:43 “No one can take your paycheck away if you’re the one writing it”

43:48 How investing in business helped Marie

48:09 Get Rich Tips: Enjoy your Money and Hard Work

52:02 Get Rich Read: The Lifestyle Investor by Justin Donald